Elections in Austria and Germany

We made our first step in the blogging world analyzing the influence of social media in the presedential election 2016 in Austria. You may consult https://bpw2016blog.wordpress.com/ for several posts that are out of date now. You also find there comments and analysis on the election of the austrian parliament 2017 and the election of the german parliament in 2017. These blogs were mainly done for us in order to improve our understanding of the impact of social media and the power of statistical software. One point was clearly to demonstrate what kind of information that people share are publicly available on the internet. Besides this, the feedback on our blog made it once again crystal clear:  the easier the statistics the more successful they can be broadcasted.   For instance, the by far most successful posts were about the names of the liker of Angela Merkel, [->], and about the strongest fans of the candiates in the presedential election 2016 in Austria, [->].